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Body Of Habit 7" + Visible Fissures 7":


Eight songs on two 7"s. Combined, these mark Lost Lands' first release (2013). Raging downtuned Scandanavian-style punk/hardcore with a mix of melody and abrasion. Both 7"s have die-cut covers, crunchwrap supreme -style.

Available together for $10, separate for $6 a piece.
(Download codes included)

Limited vinyl colors still available for each 7".
Contact us for more info.

Body of Habit 7" (Blue Cover)
1. Body of Habit
2. Hereditary Marsh
3. Transitory
4. Evil

Visible Fissures 7" (Red cover)
1. Unreliability
2. Visible Fissures
3. Uncanny Valley
4. Poor Maps

Listen to the songs here:
Lost Lands - Body of Habit / Visible Fissures EP